Creator Square Johnstown is comprised of the following programs and services:

Artisan Residency

Duration is flexible, to be determined on a case-by-case basis, from two months to two years, not to exceed 24 months.

‘Creative Master’ Designation

This honorific designation is applied to every artisan, craftsperson or maker that is selected for the program.

Subsidized Live/Work Studio

Each Creative Master receives access to one of four individual live/work studios in the Johnstown Creator Center (JCC).  Rent for each unit will be $400/month for the duration of each residency. Each unit is double occupancy.

Community Service

Creative Masters will be responsible for conducting at least one three hour public workshop/presentation every two months in exchange for the program’s benefits. 

Other Benefits

Other benefits include: the opportunity, commensurate with qualifications, experience, and comparable salary ranges, to teach adjunct at local colleges, tech schools, and other educational centers; free ‘craft’ materials and products that are either being discarded or due to be recycled by a variety of local manufacturers and vendors includingGoodwill Industries and ACRP/Home Depot, etc.; gallery exhibitions in local art centers and in the Johnstown Creator Center Design Store at the Parkview Building.