The Building

The program’s main facility located at 134 Gazebo Park, Johnstown, PA, includes a shared collaborative makerspace and gallery in the building’s main floor storefront. Here, in this welcoming and accessible storefront space directly adjacent to the community’s central park space, Creative Masters will utilize shared equipment, exhibit their work, and perform demonstrations and classes for the general public and local participants in the program.

Partner Programs

Creator Square has established a relationship with the Greater Johnstown TechnologyCenter (GJCTC) to make a variety of building and fabrication equipment valued at over approximately $350,000, available to Creative Masters, either on site in the Parkview Building or at the Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center about ten minutes away at the heart of the Cambria County Education Corridor.

Shared Equipment

This equipment includes such equipment as table and rotary saws, CNC Routers, 3D printers, welding equipment, and drills, as follows, with their potential use, and approximate value of each piece of equipment noted:

  1. Large Format Printer – wallpaper, decals, banners, etc.
  2. Makerbot Relicator – 3D printing, molds, machine parts, etc. 
  3. Zing 30 Amp laser Engraver – wood, Plexiglas, metal, glass and silicon engraving, stencil manufacturing, cutting, etc.
  4. Screen Printing Equipment and Dryer – printing on any fabric, shirts, sweatshirts, bags, boxes, signs, etc.
  5. 20 computer Apple Macintosh lab with Adobe Creative Suite
  6. Two (2) Metal Lathes – Raw material turning, cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, facing, etc.
  7. HAAS CNC Milling Machine – Raw material shaping for tools, signs, stamps, artwork, etc.
  8. HAAS Convertible Lathe (CNC/Conventional) - Raw material turning, cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, facing, etc.
  9. CNC Grinder – sharpening, reconditioning, part production, resurfacing, shaping, etc.
  10. Five (5) Vertical Milling Machines – plastic molding, forging, coining, die casting, etc.
  11. 4x8 CNC Wood EZ Router – wood and metal engraving, cabinet manufacturing, trim creation, furniture carving and grooving, etc.
  12. Sheet Metal Equipment – material housing, furniture, shelves, boxes, artwork, etc.
  13. General Metalworking Equipment – Drill Press/Band Saw – hole drilling, threading, veneer cutting, laminations, edging, etc.
  14. CNC Horizontal Cutting Saw – test plates, lengths of parts, programmable projects, etc.
  15. ½” Steel Shear – parts shearing, programmable parts, etc.
  16. CNC Plasma Cutter – CAD design and cutting, programmable projects, multiple parts cutting, etc.
  17. Welding Lab – 20 stations equipped with GMAW, GTAW, SMAW, gas arc equipment, etc.
  18. Cabinet Making Shop – basic shop equipment


It is expected that participants in the program will also supply their own specialized fabrication equipment and hand tools as needed.