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Mission Statement

Creator Square Johnstown (CSJ) is community-based artisan residency that endeavors to nurture an environment where artisan makers can focus on and grow their creative practices through the combination of traditional craft and small batch manufacturing within a micro-community of likeminded creatives. The residency’s constitution and duration is deliberately flexible in order to accommodate the individual needs of the selected participants. Our goal is to provide reasonably priced live/work space in which a wide variety of makers – emerging and mid-career making everything from household objects to musical compositions - are embraced and promoted.


As an urban residency located in the heart of a unique post-industrial environment, CSJ encourages artisans to be inspired by place and take advantage of the free materials, teaching opportunities, and other makers that the program provides. Within the walls of the transformed Parkview Building directly adjacent to Johnstown’s Central Park, CSJ aims at creating valuable opportunities for creative and entrepreneurial exchange. We also focus on community engagement and job skills transfer, especially top those who have lost defense related manufacturing jobs in the community. We encourage artisans and makers of all types, both emerging and professional, to connect with CSJ as part of their personal and artistic growth and maturity.