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Executive Summary

Creator Square is a pioneering artisan residency program using makerspace as the key to a vital new community development strategy. By creating a space and then inviting revolving classes of “Creative Masters,’ we are creating successive groups of validated makers who can then go out into our communities with the tools to be artisans, small batch manufacturers, up-cyclers, and so on. They will be the vanguards in reinventing neighborhoods, adding to our arts culture and creating jobs.


The maker’s movement has a long history in this region, and Creator Square is helping to connect the dots between traditional industry and this new-economy way of production. This history is being re-invented as we speak through makers spaces.  Creator Square takes it to another level by being a conscious place and process for growing makers and “graduating” them into our community.  This is an exciting strategy for introducing a pipeline of entrepreneurial makers to our region. At Creator Square, the first of what we hope to be a number of such sites, we focus on the maker’s movement as a community development strategy intended to reimage Western Pennsylvania as a nationally recognized maker space region.